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Our Church Staff

Eric Tritten Senior Pastor Email Bio
Bob Brantsch Director of Christian Education Email Bio
Sharon Alberson Director of Music Ministry Email Bio
Tammy Brodbeck Youth Director Email Bio
Megan Polak Preschool Director Email Bio
Esther Williamson Deaconess Email Bio
Becka Koudelka Office Administrator Email Bio



Phone Extensions


Worship Times

Our music program seeks to give people an outlet to glorify God through instrument and song.

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Pastor Tritten, extension 28
Bob Brantsch, extension 27
Sharon Alberson, extension 19
Tammy Brodbeck, extension, 11
Megan Polak, extension 18
Becka Koudelka, extension 26
Preschool, extension 18

Sunday Worship
8:15a.m. & 10:45a.m.

Sunday School

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